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Thema: Kurupt Interview (Strikes back to Daz)

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    Kurupt Interview (Strikes back to Daz)

    Das Kurupt Interview aus dem neuen Murder Dog Magazin (USA)

    Murder Dog: Thanks for taking time out to talk with us Kurupt. Tell us about your new upcoming album Against The Grain.

    Kurupt: Well, It is going to be off the charts. Right now I have about six songs officially done and have completed about 40 more also, but I don't have which of those if any I am going to put out on the album. I am still in production right now. This is going to be one for all yall niggas to ride to. The West Coast has been locked down for a long time, and with this album, this is going to be a classic. Not just a classic West Coast Death Row album but a classic altogether.

    Murder Dog: Are you comparing it to an AmeriKKKas Most Wanted or a Chronic?

    Kurupt: Don't trip, but this is going to be better than the Chronic. I was part of the Chronic and I can tell you this album does not only have a similar feel but a superior one. I am getting down with all my niggas on this album.

    Murder Dog: Who will be on your new album as of right now?

    Kurupt: Well, I don't want to give away too much but I got Ice Cube, Eastwood, Crooked I, W.C., Kam, Jayo Felony, Spice One, Roscoe, and a few others. I got one surprise guest and he on a bangin track and when you hear it, yall will be trippin!!

    Murder Dog: Can you give us a hint? Dre? Daz? 2pac?

    Kurupt: Haha! (laughs hysterically) Naw, I can't reveal who it is but trust me the fans won't have saw this one coming!

    Murder Dog: A lot of fans are wondering about the Crooked I Album, when is that coming out?

    Kurupt: It will be out real soon. We are working to set a finalize date for the album. Crooked I is the hottest thing on the West and the fans will have to wait no longer for him. We are putting him out really soon. I want to say something to the fans. We appreciate yall's patience and we promise you a blazing album from top to bottom. Crooked I is going to bring heat on every track, and I tell you this will album will set new trends for the West Coast.

    Murder Dog: How do you deal with being Vice President of Death Rows Back and being an artist and an actor at the same time?

    Kurupt: I learned a lot in the game from 2pac and Dre. I saw their work ethic, and I really believe in being balanced and working to create perfection. I wake up at 4:00 a.m. every morning hit the studio and am finished usually around 10:00 p.m in the evening. I feel that I owe it to the fans to make sure the company is going where it was back in the mid 1990's. We are going back. That is why it is called Death Rows Back. Fuck what all these bitch ass niggas are saying. Your the same niggas thats going to be starving for survival by the end of the year.

    Murder Dog: Speaking of others in the game taking shots at you guys. There seems to be plenty with Daz, Snoop, Soopafly, D.P.G., and even Proof.

    Kurupt: I never ever have addressed the beef with these bitch niggas in public but they talking a gang of shit now.

    Murder Dog: Especially Daz. People are waiting to hear what you have to say.

    Kurupt: First off, I never dissed Daz on record to this point because I always believed he was my nigga and a true Dogg Pound nigga. We had plans of once conquering the industry. But I see the way this bitch ass nigga turned out so I gotta tell you how I feel. Daz likes to say a lot of things but the bitch ass muthafucka is a pussy. He ain't ever had any real talent on the Mic. Niggas back in the day would laugh when he tried to rhyme. He was the joke of the group but it was me who defended him and told them to keep letting him rap. Similar to when Eazy E didn't want Dre rapping back when NWA started. Daz talked about how we all bow down to Simon. I was in the studio one time and saw Daz crying. I am like what the fuck wrong with you nigga? This nigga told me that a gang of niggas stripped him naked in the studio and pissed all over his ass. The nigga said he was beaten to an oblivion. He was so scared to tell Suge because he thought Suge was going to kill him. I stepped to Suge and told him what had happened that Daz was stripped, beat down, and pissed on and that Daz was left in the studio in blood and tears and feared for his life. Suge then handled it and them niggas was never seen again. I think the nigga was sodomized too because the nigga was walking funny for weeks. Point is I made that bitch ass fat gut mut looking nigga. The bitch ass nigga didn't produce no half of Doggystyle or the Chronic. Daz gots issues, and I think the nigga suicidal. Snoop, Soopafly, and the rest. Those niggas can eat a dick. Snoop and Soopfly talk a lot of shit but nigga when you see me knuckle up. How am I gonna get beat up by a crack bitch like Snoop. I can't believe the nigga takes his shirt off in public. Soopafly a bitch. A plain straight up black and white bitch. The nigga from Thousand Oaks, California. Lived with the whites for years. The nigga aint no gangsta. That nigga need to shut the fuck up if he want to keep rapping, have a career and a family. Soopafly, just get your money man.

    Murder Dog: So, there is no chance at you and Daz ever mending fences?

    Kurupt: Hell no, Fuck that bitch ass nigga. His life is over. The nigga is scared. The nigga sleeps in a different house every night like Sadaam. He knows niggas gon kill him. He knows that California aint safe for him. His Cali pass revoked. Daz is living on borrowed time. Nigga, you can run to Atlanta but Death Row got a gang of soldiers that gon find you. It's a matter of time where you are going to have to answer to your maker.

    Murder Dog: I hope you can keep this on wax because I want to see a Dogg Pound Reunion.

    Kurupt: I wish I could say that could happen but that nigga aint ever coming back. I aint no snitch but fuck Daz, he has a mental disease called Oppositional Defiance Disorder along with Paronia. The nigga one time was admitted into Laurelwood Hospital. He has been heavily sedated and instutionalized when he was on Tha Row. We kept that shit under wraps for years and the nigga tried to kill himself twenty different times.

    Murder Dog: Why wouldn't Suge just release him?

    Kurupt: That is the whole thing. Suge a loyal street nigga. When Snoops life was on the line he was there for him. When Eazy was fuckin Dre , he helped Dre have a career and not be stuck at Ruthless. He never would turn his back on a nigga and for that I got one love for Suge. I always rode for Suge and I rode for Daz but that bitch ass nigga wasn't working, the nigga was scary. He always crying. When B.G. Knocc Out and Dresta dissed Tha Row it took 2 hours for me just to convince Daz to say " Fuck BG Knocc Out and every nigga down wit em ". He was always an insane pussy.

    Murder Dog: Daz was scared of Dresta?

    Kurupt: Yea still is, thats why you don't hear him dissing him even now do you? When they released Dogg Pound Killaz, I had a blazing Reply called " Pussys for Eazy ". We were going to mash on them niggas and do it Death Row Style but Daz was scared that he would get killed in the streets by Dresta or his homies so we left that unreleased bonus track off of Dogg Food. I even have another example thats better. On Doggystyle there was an interlude where Daz calls Luke a " Buster ass Hiv pussy having motherfucker ". Daz would refuse to say Lukes name for fear Luke and his crew would kidnap Daz and take him to Miami and kill him. Even though Luke a poptart and a porn rapper, Daz was scared shitless. So, now he calls out everyone as a defense mechanism. He was treated went through therapy but 99% of what he says is bullshit. The nigga gained confidence through medicine but he can fool every nigga out there except me. I know the bitch.

    Murder Dog: Any messages for the fans or anything you got to say to anyone a fan of Kurupt or Death Row?

    Kurupt: Yea, keep supporting us. Tha Row got your back and will handle our business and put out some west coast shit that yall are used to hearing. We got Crooked I, me, Eastwood, Spider, Gail Gotti, and we are taking shit to another level. Don't worry we got responses for Tha Row Killa that bitch ass nigga Daz is dropping. I got a few surprises for him and as far as all the other niggas like Proof who now are talking shit, they will get dealt with Death Row Style. Keep supporting the Death Row and the West Coast

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    Ich glaub' schön langsam Kurupt hat nen mörder Knall......
    Kurupt und Daz bzw. Snoop, Nate Dogg, Dre ...waren das nicht mal die größten Habara? Komisch...wie die Zeit den Mensch verändert.
    Oder hat Kurupt vielleicht selbst die Hosen gestrichen voll vor Suge?

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